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Hace algun tiempo me vi envuelto en un malentendido sobre la moderacion de comentarios de mi blog, confundiendola con censura.
Hoy leo en Boing Boing's Moderation Policy - Boing Boing. Me gusto su politica y creo que como cada vez hay mas contenido ingresado por la comunidad es necesario tener claras estas politicas para que no tengamos malos entendidos.

Q. Why does Boing Boing have to have a moderator?

A. First answer: Because every general-interest online forum that's worth reading has some kind of moderation system in force.

Second answer: Because four years ago, Boing Boing's first, unmoderated comment system went so septic that it had to be shut down. The Boingers want to never go through that again.

Third answer: Because Boing Boing gets enough traffic to attract non-automated scams.

Q. All the vowels have disappeared from a paragraph I wrote! What's going on?

A. We did it. Someone (a moderator, one of the Boingers) was expressing displeasure at your remarks. The technique is called disemvowelling. It deprecates but does not delete the remark. With work, the disemvowelled text should still be readable.

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